Roofline Products: Soffits, Facias and Guttering

Changing your roofline can have a dramatic influence on the overall appearance of your home. We have everything to keep your roof looking fantastic with fascias, bargeboards, soffits, downpipes, guttering and uPVC rafter plates.

We’ve been in the roofline business for more than 30 years and you can rest assured knowing that your roofline work from us will be of the highest standard available. The quality of the products and components we use offer protection against elements like the sun, draught, rain and even heavy hail.

Roofline Products

Exterior Home Improvements RooflineBARGEBOARD 16mm heavy duty board. Produces a decorative finish to the gable end, sealing the verge

SOFFIT 10mm heavy duty board. Protects underside of rafters

FASCIA 16mm heavy duty board. Protects ends of rafters and supports bottom edge of tiles

EAVES PROTECTOR Installed underneath the lower edge of tiles, it overlaps the fascia and guttering, forcing the rainwater away from the roof into the guttering, protecting the fascia (compiles with building regulations BS 5250 1989)

GUTTERING Collects rainwater from the roof into the downpipe (manufactured to BS 4576 part 1: 1989 and BS EN ISO 9002: 1994)

DOWNPIPE Takes rainwater from guttering into drainage system. Available as square or round profile. (manufactured to BS 4576 part 1: 1989 and BS EN 9002: 1994)

PVC-U RAFTER PLATES our fascias are installed on PVC-U rafter plates screwed to the timber rafters. This gives a stronger join rather than relying on the softer timber.

We use stainless steel nails to fix the fascias to the PVC-U rafter plate. The benefits of this method are a true line ensuring the fascia is mounted straight with the rafter ends and a more efficient gutter line. This ensure the rafter end and wall plate are protected.

You can aslo view double glazed windows prices & designs to see if they need changing at the same time.

Exterior Home Improvements Roofline