The Many Benefits Of Wooden Orangeries

conservatory furnitureAdding an orangery or conservatory to your house is a great way to create an extra living space, as well as to improve the overall look of your home.

Today, you can pick from a slew of designs and styles as well as building materials to create your orangery or conservatory. You can opt for brick, glass, UPVC, or the classic but timeless style of wooden orangeries.

Wood Orangeries Offer Natural Beauty

Nothing can get more natural than wood, especially hardwood like oak. If nature is taken to be an embodiment of the sublime, then surely the mighty oak’s sublime height, breadth and age mean that it embodies the natural.

Wood’s natural beauty shines in every season. While glass, brick and UPVC conservatories might feel too slick or austere during those gloomy seasons, nice oak framed conservatoires still offer a cheerful appearance.

Oak is an excellent building material for orangeries, and a good material for conservatories.

Despite it being a kind of hardwood building material, it is actually quite pliant, so you can have bespoke conservatories built. These are conservatories that are built on rugged terrains or unlike areas with spaces that are not usually conventional. You can have bespoke conservatories shaped any way you want to.


While the other building materials for conservatories also have environmentally friendly benefits, wooden orangeries still take both the cake and the biscuit. Although oak conservatories are durable and are known to withstand earthquakes and even hurricanes for many decades, they can easily decompose when the materials are discarded.

Also, wood does not emit strong chemicals or chemical fumes. If you are using plastic building materials, they might emit chemicals when they burn. You do not want this to harm the health of your family.

Wood Orangeries Offer A Variety Of Options

victorianYou can choose from different types of timber in building your orangery. Oak conservatories are quite popular despite this being a relatively expensive building material.

It is famous for its durability and its sheer beauty, meaning that it is a safer long-term investment than softwoods.

You can also pick from different types of oak. Other wood materials such as pine and mahogany are sometimes used.

Easy To Maintain Conservatories

A lot of people tend to shy away from hardwood orangeries such as oak framed conservatories because they think the wood used to build it requires a lot of maintenance.

This is actually far from the truth. There are building companies that will offer you treated oak conservatories or hardwood conservatories so you never have to think about maintenance again. They are internally resistant to damages as well.

As far as oak is concerned, it is not prone to the formation of molds and dust mites. You might have to do occasional maintenance of the wood to bring out the shine but this is not at all tedious. Some special treatments can be used to keep the wood in top shape to make it last for many decades.

Thermally Efficient Conservatories

Another benefit of using wood in building your orangery is its ability to maintain good temperature in the room. During winter, wood prevents heated air from seeping out. You can have a heater installed in the room and snuggle in the couches you have installed here and not have to worry about a cold draft settling in the room. During summer, it actually improves air circulation. It gets rid of hot air and helps cool the air inside the room.

Elegant And Versatile

Fancy going traditional in your room design. You can easily incorporate modern design in the room even if you have oak framed conservatories. Timber building materials are versatile. You can have both modern and traditional design if you want.

Once you have got yourself a timber orangery, you should be able to figure out the rest of the advantages. I reckon nothing can beat coming home to a house with wooden orangeries and just let the room welcome you after a long day.

Consider oak conservatories or oak framed conservatories, as this material is one of the best hardwood materials you can find today, go here to find out how much does a large conservatory cost?

It offers all the benefits mentioned above and more. Find builders that can offer you high quality oak building materials so you can really reap the benefits of this kind of hardwood.

Larger Wooden Conservatories Cost
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