Home Energy Efficiency Could Receive a Government Boost

coloured Double GlazingProspective buyers have become more aware of the need for energy efficiency, as a way of reducing bills and ensuring environmental friendliness.

There are a number of opportunities to make your home more efficient too, from insulation measures such as loft lagging or wall cavity insulation, to a replacement boiler or double glazing.

And to encourage more homeowners to uptake energy efficient measures in their property, the Green Alliance and World Wildlife Fund want a feed-in tariff brought in as an incentive.

A feed-in tariff already in place encourages renewable technology such as solar panels. Launched in 2010, it pays out for every unit of renewable electricity generated by an installation.

The Energy Efficiency Feed-in Tariff

In a similar way the current feed-in tariff works with regular payments, the proposed energy efficiency scheme would pay out for those saving on usage. And this is coupled with the money you’re already saving on your energy bills.

Titled ‘the power of negawatts’, the report says that with a scheme in place demand for electricity in the UK could plummet by as much as 40%. And this would save British homeowners around GBP10billion in energy bills. The Green Alliance says this could be a “one off opportunity to save money.” All you need to know in our 10-minute guide to double glazed windows.

And Energy Minister Greg Barker says: “Energy efficiency is the huge national opportunity we have ignored for too long. The coalition is determined to put that right but we need action across the whole economy, not just one sector.

“However, improving the efficiency of the electricity sector is key. That is why we will be launching our own comprehensive consultation on electricity demand reduction this autumn to inform the latest Energy Bill. So I greatly welcome this report and its ambitious ideas as a contribution to this process.”

Double glazing as home insulation

Double glazing is one of the best home improvements to increase energy efficiency in your property. It serves as brilliant insulation, retaining heat in the home and keeping the cold out.

Two panes of glass are separated by a motionless energy efficient spacer, so heat can’t pass through the unit. This means you don’t have to turn up the thermostat on your boiler to keep warm, reducing energy bills With double glazing:

  • Reduce your heating bills by 200 annually
  • Keep your home warmer all through the year
  • Cut condensation forming on your windows
  • Reduce noise pollution and keep your home in peace and quiet
  • Slash home carbon emissions, helping the environment


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