French & Sliding Patio Door Options

As well as being great to look at, French doors offer energy efficiency qualities because they are built using the latest materials which are strong and durable.

Patio DoorsIf fitted correctly, they also need minimal maintenance so you can spend your time enjoying the fun things in life rather than looking after your doors.

They are also a great investment if you are planning on selling your home because they add a considerable amount of value to your home and maybe the difference between a potential buyer choosing your home over another.

Many patio door designs are specifically made to allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter a room, and this very often makes the room feel much bigger than it actually is when combined with the large expanse of glass.

Having, effectively, a glass wall, takes away the perceived “closed in” effect that you get when being in a room with four solid walls.

Sliding patio doors also are a great option for homes. Two advantages of having a sliding doors as opposed to one that opens by swinging in or out to open is that it can’t be blown shut by the wind and when they are open they do not take up any space either inside or outside – great if you are tight for space in the room.

Materials used to make patio doors range from metal, such as aluminium, timbers (including solid hardwood, engineered wood or hardwood veneers or UPVC.

Each material has its’ advantages or disadvantages;

  • Timber – needs looking after, veneers can peel, timber shrinks and expands, hardwoods are expensive.
  • Aluminium can corrode, although n products are very resistant to this effect, however, they can also be pricey.
  • UPVC is well priced and can last a long time, but some lower quality frames can be thick and clunky or look ugly. Slimline frames can be found, at a higher cost.

So, French patio doors or sliding patio doors, it’s up to you – here is a price guide here:

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